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tony welford

Despite my 20 (and counting) years within the health and fitness industry I still to this day have a burning passion to help people achieve their health goals.

My introduction to the gym came from my early years as I discovered it helped me build my strength and confidence whilst playing golf for my County. I was hooked and training has continued throughout my life, it has been my constant.

I have worked with a huge array of clients from pre and post-natal, professional sports men and women, pre wedding and holiday blitzes, runners, dancers, TV personalities, young and old. I have clients that range from hating the gym and would never have imagined being comfortable to train each week to clients that cannot wait for their next session which can be up to three times in one week!  

There is nothing better than seeing a client going through their journey and what it can mean to them as they see results.

Get in touch so we can work out your goals and a plan to achieve them.


📞  07789818390

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