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About us

Elev8 Fitness

The union of minds and vision has been the result of a combined 70 years in the fitness and business industry.

We have been working together to forge out a unique training space which we feel is lacking in our local area of Ealing and west london.

What we feel sets us apart is not only the environment but the service and equipment provided. Our attitude and approach to training is complimented with a space  that has an industrial/warehouse tone with atmospheric lighting, State of the art equipment including items such as a boxing ring, Crossfit rigs, cardio & strength equipment and much, much more...

We really are all about the experience and connections made whilst training.

We look forward to welcoming you at Elev8 Fitness

Richard, Tony, Lee and Akis

The Elev8 Fitness team

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“Having dedicated most of my life to leading an Active & Healthy lifestyle; I felt it important to provide a fun, energetic and dynamic training environment focused on clients and trainers alike!
The dream is to build a community of like minded people who come together and work hard at being a better representation of themselves.”

Richard Marques

Owner and Personal Trainer at Elev8 Fitness

"For me, Elev8 Fitness has been all about creating a place where clients and trainers get the best out of each other. An environment where clients enjoy, and look forward to train in. Building a community that can Elev8 each other."

Tony Welford

Owner and Personal Trainer at Elev8 Fitness

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"This has been an exciting adventure from the initial plans to opening the studio. Being Ealing born and bread I have trained with these guys for over a decade but always felt something was lacking – the right environment. We feel we have created the perfect mix of a modern warehouse style space coupled with experienced personal trainers wanting the best for each client. Elev8 Fitness is exactly that, we want to elevate your expectations, fitness and your life."

Akis Zissis

Owner at Elev8 Fitness

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