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Personal  Training

Elev8 Fitness

At Elev8 Fitness we provide not only bespoke Personal Training packages but also offer a variety of different classes, focusing on Strength & Conditioning; Boxercise & Mixed Martial Arts infused training; High intensity interval training plus other sports specific drills, all designed to provide a full body workout.

Our Personal Trainers are leaders in their field and are focused on helping their clients to achieve their goals, through working together and getting a closer understanding on why they are looking to achieve these objectives and what are the circumstances that have prevented you from doing so thus far.

Irrespective of your goals; at Elev8 Fitness we aim to provide you the necessary motivation, guidance and tools required not only to make the changes you so desire but also offer you a safe, fun and energetic environment with which to do so.

There is no hidden agenda and our only aim is to help guide you to a new and improved you, leading a healthy and active lifestyle and feeling confident and good about yourself!

each personal trainer has their own price per session depending on their area of expertise. prices start from £40 per session and many trainers offer discounts on block sessions. Please contact the individual trainers for more details.

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