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Dean, originally from South Africa, has in excess of 25 Years of personal / fitness training, gaining valuable experience whilst working with a multitude of well recognised & respected sports personalities and celebrities. Dean has gained a huge amount of experience which allowed him to utilise and develop a unique cutting-edge training system allowing his clients to achieve their long term and short term goals whilst looking good.
From Dean : “I’ve worked with many celebrities and actors, asserting all my focus helping them to prepare for acting roles and gigs as well as dancers and fighters of all backgrounds. In addition I also work with many competitive Bodybuilders, of both sexes in order to ensure they are at their peak before stepping onto the competition stage.”
"As a determined and dedicated athlete, I've trained my entire life and represented my Country and Province in a range of varied sports. However weight training has been, and still is, my number one passion, the development of the human body focusing on making it more sustainable to endurance, agility and flexibility, with achieving the perfect symmetry and definition."
If you too want to reach your full potential or even compete on a professional level as I have then I have all the knowledge and experience to assist you in reaching your goals in an expedited timeline.




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