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I am a Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Level 1 Performance Nutrition Coach. I teach and practise Calisthenics and my training with clients is based on Gymnastics strength training principles to build overall strong, mobile and efficiently moving bodies.


My clients work towards variety of different goals- from body composition to learning different skills like muscle ups, human flags, handstands etc. My goal is to make my clients move well and show them they can achieve things they never thought they could. 


Joint Health and Strength is the foundation for everything. We train smart but not necessarily more. I help my clients build plans and training structure that gives most out of the effort put in and leaves them plenty of time to enjoy the pleasures of life. That means we choose exercises that offer more bang for your buck:)

Fitness and Training shouldn't take over your life (if you are not an athlete) but should improve and complement it. With correct and smart exercise selection and nutrition guidance we achieve the set goals but have plenty of time left for life. 

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