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I help women achieve their dream body’s and help them gain the confidence they’ve always wanted. I’ve been there myself and dropped over two stone through trial and error. I now have the knowledge and tools to help you too! If you find you are struggling to reach your goals and need an extra push, whether it’s with training or diet, I’d love to help!

Working with me means:
1) Gaining confidence in the gym and learning the right training method for your specific goal 
2) Weekly weigh in’s to stay accountable, as well as monthly progress photos 
3) Support with your diet, getting you set up on MyFitnessPal and learning how to eat and live a 80:20 lifestyle 
4) 24/7 support via WhatsApp for any questions whether it be alcohol, meals out, food shopping, exercise or general support and motivation 
Check my Instagram for all things clients, transformations, knowledge and workouts! Email me for more information!


📞  07740 346769


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