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Sousa Araujo

The biggest question I always asked myself was, “What is my purpose in life?”


Since a young age I’ve always had a passion for sports. I started with surfing, horse riding and wake boarding till about 7 years ago when I discovered the world body of bodybuilding.


With bodybuilding it hasn’t only taught me about discipline and commitment, but how to work hard to improve my physique and develop a better understanding about nutrition too.


About 2 years ago I realised my passion was in strength training and power lifting.


To become a better coach I’ve spent a lot of time learning about body posture, mobility and a bit of rehabilitation as well. 


The reason I love to train is because it makes me a better person in many different areas of my life. It challenges me to be more consistent and goal driven. It also enables me to focus on overcoming my fears and I love the feeling I get from beating my expectations.


Keeping fit has given me a range of different qualities. It makes me happier, stronger and has a positive affect on my everyday life.


 “My purpose in life .... “ share with you this amazing life style!


So if you are looking to change your body, improve your mindset and start taking the steps into becoming a better YOU, then I’m the right girl to help you reach your goals.


Please get in touch for a consultation and we can start making some positive changes today! 

📞  07460 021294


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