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Richard marques

Often referred to as the ‘Energiser Bunny’; I’m constantly striving to improve myself both physically and mentally, not only to be the best possible me but also to help educate and motivate clients and those around me to stop making excuses as to why not and look into how it can be achieved.

I have a Martial Arts background and have been involved in undertaking and participating in a diverse range of sports, many on a competitive level, so have the necessary drive and skill set to get you through the the challenges that lay before you.

In addition to this; my work with Sports Massage Therapy, Pre and Post Pregnancy not only provides me with a better understanding on preventative and rehabilitative measures and procedures but also helping mums, plus dads, get through pregnancy and stresses of dealing with a new born baby on top of day-to-day life.   

Let’s work together to start a new chapter and ‘Challenge the Shape of Your Future’ by overcoming the obstacles setting you back from being the best possible you.

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